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Sir why did you not name it jif like the peanut butter then. Add your own faces your own watermark and build customized content in seconds.

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With this page i intend to clear this up once and for all.

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Is it gif or jif. Pronunciation debate steve wilhite oxford american dictionary graphics interchange format hard g soft g j gifs gif about. The gif graphics file format was invented by steve wilhite at compuserve in 1987. The term stands for graphics interchange format which are image files.

Gif creator steve wilhite reveals how to pronounce gif. Theres no word at the center of a pronunciation debate quite like gif and chances are youre still not saying it right. But for the sake of argument it is an acronym for graphics interchange format.

Jif is a long standing debate of how to pronounce the acronym for graphics interchange format. The graphics interchange format gif dʒ ɪ f jif or ɡ ɪ f ghif is a bitmap image format that was developed by a team at the online services provider compuserve led by american computer scientist steve wilhite on june 15 1987. The creator of the gif image format steve wilhite of compuserve when deciding on the pronunciation said he deliberately chose to echo the american peanut butter brand jif and compuserve employees would often say choosy developers choose gifjif playing off of jifs television commercials.

Both the debate and the reputation surrounding the debate are regarded as running jokes online. They are wronghes saying we the people of america are wrong. If you hear anyone pronounce gif with a.

Like jif as in the peanut butter or with a hard g as in gift as a majority of mac users seem to prefer. It is a soft g pronounced jif. With our library of over 4500 gifs you can customize all of your favorite gifs from sports movies tv shows and pop culture.

Choosy mothers may choose jiff but i choose gif. In the years since a debate has been raging as to the correct way to pronounce gif. Last time i checked graphics is pronounced with a hard g.