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Posted an animated jif which is to say a swirling animated jar of the tasty high. The best gifs are on giphy.

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But how you say the term has been hotly contested for years.

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How to say gif. If you go with soft g congratulations you can say it like the peanut butter with the snooty confidence of someone whos 100. To pronounce gif just say gift without the t. The image below is an example gif that came with compushow.

This video shows you how to pronounce gif. He used some of the then new. Because g in gif stands for graphics common linguistics would indicate the word is said with a g sound.

Find gifs with the latest and newest hashtags. Regardless of how you say it just know it says something about you. The gif graphics interchange format pronounced jif was designed by compuserve and the official specification released in june of 1987.

It is a soft g pronounced jif. The debate over how to pronounce gif which stands for graphics interchange format re emerged this week when steve wilhite the inventor of the widely used web illustration declared it should be pronounced jif like the brand of peanut butter rather than with a hard g sound. Gin is not a good counterexample because its a drink derived from juniper berries so its name is from the dutch jenever for juniper.

It is a picture of compushows author bob berry. Gif creator steve wilhite reveals how to pronounce gif. They are wronghes saying we the people of america are wrong.

The word gift is the closest word to gif and it has a hard g. Steve wilhite created the graphics interchange format or gif while working for compuserve in 1987. There straight from the inventors of the format.

Sir why did you not name it jif like the peanut butter then. Search discover and share your favorite say what gifs. What about gin gem gym geo and gel.